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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Key dates
When does the event run?
It opened to visitors on Fri 10th Jul 2020 and closes on Fri 24th Jul 2020. That is 14 days.
Who are the attendees of the event?
CIOs & IT Managers across New Zealand's largest enterprises.
Why would attendees visit the event?

When we look at our previous event, the most common thing for people to do was click on the "Add me on LinkedIn button", followed by watching videos, then registering for webinars and then visiting stands. So in many ways, we are providing a highly focused version of LinkedIn, YouTube and an event calendar in one easy site.

How many attendees are you expecting?

Our last event The New Zealand IT Reboot had 22,000 visitors attend. That event was channel-focused, while Smart CIO New Zealand is end-user focused. We are expecting 20,000 visitors this time also.

What is the Smart CIO event?

Smart CIO is a 100% digital event aimed at New Zealand based CIOs and IT managers. Based on the IT Reboot, Smart CIO enables exhibitors to have a digital stand with the aim of generating leads.

The IT Reboot saw 277 exhibitors and 22,000 visitors to the event as well as amazing feedback and testimonials

The Smart CIO event allows you to add a variety of digital media to your stand including webinars, videos, contact people, essential links, giveaways, offers, photos and brochures. Claim your exhibition stand here.

Is there a physical event component?

No, this is purely a digital event.

Will the event include Australians?

The Smart CIO event is laser focussed on CIOs and IT managers across New Zealand with a launch in July and themed based on the digital transformation of the IT department.

Plans are already underway for future events which will be Australia focused and/or trans-Tasman.

When & why was the event created?

During the COVID-19 lockdown period, Sean Mitchell dreamt up the idea of the first digital event The New Zealand IT Reboot, which happened in May 2020. That event was a huge success and propelled us to create Smart CIO New Zealand.

Is the event free?

The event is 100% free to attend as a visitor. For exhibitors, there is a cost associated, click here to find out more info.

How the site works
Why don't you add a search function?

We worry that if we add a search function, then visitors won't ferret around through lots of exhibition stands and people. We hope that by not providing a search it gives everyone a good chance of getting discovered by visitors.

Do any companies get preferential treatment?

No. We randomise the order of the exhibitors, people and categories so that the big and the small in each get an equal amount of time at the top of the web pages. Every company is treated equally.

Becoming an exhibitor
How can I become a speaker or get a live session organised?

For those that have an exhibition stand, you can list any upcoming events, live sessions, webinars or similar on it. In addition, these will show on the homepage and under the sessions tab.

Think of our sessions tab as a noticeboard of industry events that are coming up.

I am not based in NZ, can I claim an exhibition stand?

Yes, many of our exhibitors have people based in Australia or Singapore that handle the New Zealand marketplace.

What is included when I sign up?

As part of becoming an exhibitor at the Smart CIO event, you will get full control of the content you add.

On top of this, we have an enormous marketing budget with a big focus on LinkedIn to get more and more engagement.

We have a dedicated staff member to ensure you succeed and get the most out the experience.

What are the benefits for exhibition stand holders?

Like most conferences and expo's, there are numerous benefits from being an exhibition stand-holder. We detail these on the exhibitor registration page found here.

Can I have multiple exhibition stands?

Yes, you can, this can be useful for distributors which represent multiple brands or business with distinctly separate businesses.

There must be different people on each stand with no cross over. This makes it more interesting for the visitors to not see duplicate people.

You can apply to be an exhibitor here.

How do I claim an exhibition stand?

You simply fill in the form, found here.

We then aim to set up your exhibition stand over the next 2 working hours.

Once your exhibition stand is set up you will be emailed more information about content that can be uploaded to your exhibition stand.

Do I have to man the stand?

The Smart CIO NZ event is 100% digital meaning you do not have to man the exhibition stand at particular times.

All of your contact details are shown to the visitor if they want to contact you right now. Then right after the event is over you will receive an exhibitor report with leads to follow up with.

What will my stand look like?

Here is a video overview of what an exhibition stand looks like:

Do exhibitors receive leads from the event?

Yes, every person that enters the event registers their email address. Then when they interact with your exhibition stand or content that will be recorded as a lead. We will send you leads automatically at the end of the event however if you do not receive anything please feel free to email us on

We will send an email address and any other information we have about any leads you receive.

We purposefully made entry to the event as easy as possible, by just collecting an email address.

There are no guarantees about these leads. They may include competitors, suppliers, fake leads although we hope you will receive lots of quality gold.

Running your exhibition stand
Can I upload my own content to the exhibition stand?

Yes, the person that set up your exhibition stand has access to a self-service portal, which enables them to upload content really easily.

How many webinars can I load on my exhibition stand?

On the webinar attendance, think of our platform as a noticeboard of all your upcoming events. Then we drive people to your registration page. I have heard back of webinars with 5 to 92 people attending. At the beginning of each week, we will email a list of upcoming sessions to all attendees and our IT Brief newsletter subscribers.

Can I add multiple people to my exhibition stand?

There is no limit on the number of people who are uploaded to your exhibition stand. These people then show on the homepage and under the people tab. The uploading process is really simple and done through our self-service portal. The login details have been provided to the person who set up your stand.

What types of content can be uploaded to our exhibition stand?

You can add brochures (including documents or whitepapers), links (including photos, logos, products, images, special offers or promotions), people (including sales contacts), sessions (including webinars) and videos to your stand. This is done through your self-service portal.

Contacting us
Who should I contact with my additional questions?
We would love to hear from you, don't hesitate to contact us on:
Sean Mitchell
Techday Network
Digital Events
Phone +64 9 973 5960
LinkedIn link
Smart CIO New ZealandPhone +64 9 973 5960 or email